Since 1995 writing and recording have been a mandatory process within my life. With just one break from 2010 to 2014, I've managed to rack up dozens of albums worth of songs and hundreds of hours of recordings. I accept "prolific" as a descriptive term. This is by no means a brag. Quantity does not guarantee quality. In my case, both the quality and the quantity present considerable challenges. 

What I have is many years of recordings, most of which are subpar when it comes to basic listening quality. Most of the recordings were demos and were never recorded properly. Many songs were written in tunings I hadn't touched since 2006. Some songs were incomplete. Many songs were recorded and then lost. 

In some cases, I "self-released" the demos through various online outlets, never making any more back than I put into it. I can't overstate how much regret I have over that. But I'm finally doing it right, even if I'm late.

So in 2016 I began the painstaking process of re-recording much of this material in the way it was intended to be heard. This means relearning complicated guitar, bass, keyboard and drum parts that were never transcribed. I'm having to remap and reframe lost songs from memory. I'm having to intentionally recreate moments that originally were accidents and subject to the equipment I was using and the environments I was recording in. In some cases I can sample or even outright use original demos. In most I can't.

From 1997 to 2009, this is what the workload looks like from the begininng.


The aim is to release my music as originally intended and move forward with what the future has in store. The process is challenging, educational and emotionally satisfying. Some might say, "Isn't that cheating?" Hell no. It's my art, and I'll do what I want with it. I'm pleased to report that the process has been moving forward healthily despite many challenges. 

This is going to take time, but it's my life's work, and other than my full time professional work, it's what I do. I hope that one day it can be appreciated, and that it might even earn me a buck or two.


These are some of the bits and pieces that are coming together for the Archive 2020 project.

The songs aren't going to be in any particular order as far as when they're updated, and will change throughout the year. By 2020 all of the finished material will be available in all markets.