01 The Auctioneer
02 Flight North
03 Cult Her
04 Howdy Washington Scammer
05 Fire Escape
06 Exquisite Trash
07 Fickle
08 Liquid Cacti
09 Missed Appointment
10 Transmission Sequence
11 Wendeeidum
12 Starter
13 Ballyhoo
14 Hospital on Guerro St
15 Growing Up In Texas
16 Visitation Rights
17 Crawl Walk Crawl Walk
18 Barns 


CURRENT STATUS: In production, scheduled for 2019 release.

After about 4 years of creative celibacy, (and no instruments or equipment,) I bought the my trusty and cheap Dean Evo guitar again, along with a pedal setup, and set about on the task of recording new music. A lot changes in 4 years. Computers as a means of recording changed a lot. I was using 2006 technology when I stopped making music in late 2009. Stepping back into the musical workshop had a learning curve. It took very little time for my fingers to get back into shape for working duty. 
A 2014 return to San Francisco to see King Crimson was a supercharging moment which may be audible in some of these tracks.
During the recording of these songs, Bret Nix and I decided to form The Falk, and work long distance between San Antonio and Houston. This record contains songs that were specifically kept off The Falk songlist. Some are here because Bret didn’t play on them and didn’t write them. Some just didn’t fit The Falk. But my concern was presenting a cohesive record, worthy of everything I’d done in the past and documenting a leap forward in quality both sonically and creatively. 
This is the return to music I had been wanting, and you can here the energy in it.

Special Thanks go to Bret and Lisa