01 The Quantity of Nothing
02 Getting Lost
03 An Anatomy
04 A Different Gear
05 Reflection I
06 Dreaming I
07 Dreaming II
08 Dreaming III
09 Dreaming IV
10 Reflection II
11 It’s Just Me
12 The Lower Centers
13 Life No More
14 A Clear View
15 Staring at my Stare
16 And Why Would That Be?
17 Because


CURRENT STATUS: In production, scheduled for 2019 release.

These songs entered dangerous musical territory with little concern for standards or consequences. "What can I get away with musically? What am I not supposed to do? See you later, I’m doing it." Committing to long, complicated tracks with ridiculous time signatures and randomized changes was either a way to solidify my playing, or push me away from the guitar. Either way, my playing improved and I spent more time recording and mixing than ever before. The Dreaming suite of tracks, beginning with Reflection I and ending with Life No More, show some of the frustration I was feeling with the world in 2000. How could humans have ended up in such a stupid predicament?

If there’s a message for this record that I wanted to send at the time, it was , “Things are malfunctioning on Earth. This isn’t what they said it was. I’m going to make my own rules and here are the results.” I wonder how many 21 year-olds feel that way now. It seems like it’s more about being “famous.”

At this point in time, I had begun experimenting with the idea of tuning in 5ths on the guitar, and particularly, New Standard Tuning. By switching from Old Standard to New Standard, I felt like I was upgrading my processor. It took a lot of memory to keep up, but it was for fun. Friends and family seemed turned off by this music. “It doesn’t make sense.” That’s when I knew I was heading the right direction.

It’s my art, and I’ll do what I want with it.
Special Thanks to Robert Fripp and Robert Phipps.