01 An Observation
02 Talking in Code
03 A Relative Understanding of Time
04 Undeclarable Actions
05 Pyrosyris
06 The Obscure
07 Are You Still There
08 Invisible Communication
09 Walking The Tracks
10 Strolling New Streets
11 Giving It Up
12 Waking to the Sun
13 Headlights Through Trees
14Headlights Through Windows
15 Without Sight
16 No Telling
17 A Friendly Goodbye 



CURRENT STATUS: In production, scheduled for 2019 release.

Many changes happening very quickly to a 22 year-old who has access to instruments, writing and recording tools can be a remarkable thing. These were dark times. I was not in a place to negotiate anything. I was in unfamiliar territory without very much to show for myself. 

The recent past was still ringing in my ears and pulsating through my nervous system. I was running out of job options as the tech boom had crashed head first, and 9/11 had everyone on edge. There was this attitude, generally, that "we're in this new century now, so let's see how it goes!" Things felt unstable where I was.

I had gone from web designer/sales for a multi-million dollar company down to flipping burgers, but I was somewhere different, with new people, and perhaps a corner on the weird guy with a computer who makes loops and records music on it market.

I went straight for recording the oddest, most complicated music I could fathom. In my mind, I was going to figure out my next move after this, and it might not involve music. I considered this a potential farewell.

Special Thanks go to Adrian, Mike, David, Todd and Nathan