DestabiliZation (2000)

01 Long Awaited Evening - 3:31
02 DestabiliZation - 4:04
03 Nocturne - 5:51
04 Falling Asleep - 2:18
05 Circles & Lines - 6:36
06 Gradual Nightmare - 2:19
07 Through a Nebula - 3:20
08 Four Hours Left - 1:45
09 Jovian - 6:04
10 Eye Thirty - 4:00
11 Nightmares - 3:00
12 Burning - 2:47
13 Cumulus - 3:35

Recorded in Dallas, Texas

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Many young aspiring guitar players in modern times have used effects pedals of a singular and plural nature to get the sounds they’re looking for. In 1999 and 2000, I was using a computer with a modest sound card to attempt to get the sounds I wanted. Perhaps a forerunner to modern digital setups of today, I was using the free software that came with the sound card to make the guitar sound the way I wanted to.

DestabiliZation, in one sense, was my being able to communicate in ways I’d never been able to communicate, musically. All of these tracks were improvised using software and a cheap guitar. There are some exceptions such as Jovian, which I remember to have been improvised on a cheap four-track in a room full of cigarette smoke. How times change.

This is less of a full-on ambient album than it is a 20-year-old fiddling with a guitar and a computer, but of all my music it fits with the ambient stuff more. It certainly isn't music for the masses. But I cam't find anything remotely like this record since 2000.

DestabiliZation is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Bandcamp and other digital outlets now.


Here are some random tracks of mine, released and unreleased. Rock, ambient and more. These tracks will change from time to time, and with the majority of the rock catalog out of print or unreleased, this is the only place you'll get some of those songs.