Holding One's Own

01 Population 1
02 Handle & Frame
03 Nice Helmet
04 Ball & Chain
05 Helman Shermsley
06 Mt. Saint Helens
07 Boots & Buckles
08 Tostesterone
09 Purgatory Creek
10 Wait It Out
11 Gone For Now
12 Wash, Wash My Boots
13 Originating
14 Staubach’s Friend
15 Thought Crime 


CURRENT STATUS: In production, scheduled for 2019 release.

These were a particular group of songs from 2004 that I kept on repeat mode. The demos told a different tale than the fantastic way that Holding 1 made them unique. As with all my previous creative efforts, these tracks were born of improvisation, sitting at the computer, doing damage to my ears and I’m still not aware of how bad that damage is.
The title is obviously a pun, and one that I'm actually proud of. It makes sense. It's not a stretch, and it's relevent to the content. My contribution to Holding 1 was that of a framework. When it was 3 or 4 or 5 guys within that framework, it was different. One person within that framework provides a much narrower scope of creativity.
In other words, over half of these songs were performed by Holding 1 in one form or another, but their origins tell an interesting story too. To release these tracks as they were originally conceived in no way undermines the power in which those songs were performed in Holding 1. Perhaps this record can shed some light on my weaknesses as a multi-instrumentalist and a single-minded songwriter. 
Regardless, I hope they’re at least partially enjoyable without Holding 1 behind them.

Special Thanks go to Todd, Bret, Erik and Jim