Nightscapes (2007)

01 sunset
02 night clouds
03 the moon
04 nocturnal life
05 sunrise

Recorded in San Marcos, Texas

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Nightscapes was another ambient experiment in which I was able to take an idea to begin with and improvise my way through it. Being a consumer of well-respected ambient artists, I simply asked myself what type of ambient album I'd like to hear. What I ended up with is something that could very well be the most relaxed of my records.

These tracks focus on the the evening, and the qualities we miss sometimes during the brightness of the day. Beginning with sunrise and ending with sunset, Nightscapes keeps a dark but gentle theme throughout.

Nightscapes is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Bandcamp and other digital outlets.


Here are some random tracks of mine, released and unreleased. Rock, ambient and more. These tracks will change from time to time, and with the majority of the rock catalog out of print or unreleased, this is the only place you'll get some of those songs.