No End In Sight

01 Exit Review
02 Friday Night Dream
03 Atrocious
04 Paranoid Vigilante
05 Lloyd George the Statesman
06 Sneaky Man
07 Old Beginnings
08 Republic Lies
09 Below The Ground
10 Home At Last
11 Let’s Do This Again
12 The Formula Is In The Safe
13 Being a Cow is For The Birds
14 April’s Precursor
15 Eclipse
16 Rocks and Climate
17 October Surprise
18 Serum
19 Your World
20 Sand and Wind 


CURRENT STATUS: In production, scheduled for 2019 release.

Another record with 20 songs. This one longer than the last one. As the title implies, I was on a writing path that had no end in sight. I had to slow myself down at the time by recording cover songs and trying to listen to folk music. That was my personal challenge for the next record.
These songs were written in anticipation of and in deflation from a fantastic trip to the West Coast. From San Francisco to Portland to Seattle and The Gorge. I saw Pearl Jam, Sonic Youth and Sleater-Kinney. It was magical. I sat on top of my house after arriving back and watched a gigantic piece of rock burn up in space over the Hill Country. It was special. It was time to lock myself away and let things happen.
Music started coming forth from my fingers much like air floats into one of those ugly inflatable waving creatures that so many retail establishments hope will attract customers. I felt like I was attracting the creative force every time I hit the record button. Sometimes I would purposely let my fingers just go where they wanted to go next. “I’ll be lazy, and let my fingers pick the riff,” and next thing I knew I had a working melody or transition.
This record basically wrote itself.  It can also be seen as self-fulfilling prophesy when it came to the next few years of my life.

Special Thanks go to the guys from Every Other Fate, Bret, Shannon, Liz, the Byrn crew and wow. Everyone else in 2006