Point of Arrival

01 The Beginning of Time 
02 Can't Believe 
03 Reap
04 Winter 
05 Daytime In The City 
06 Nowhere
07 The Way It Is 
08 Passed Me By 
09 Velvet Sun 
10 Time Machine 
11 Jesus Is In Town
12 Pages of Love 
13 Doorways to Outside 
14 The Light
15 Tara
16 Explorations



CURRENT STATUS: In production, scheduled for 2019 release.

Before arriving at a point from which I could create music in the very lowest quality of the definition, there were people, periods of time, places and situations all which came into season at just the right time. I was getting prepared between 1992 and 1996 for the ability to actually be a musician. Whatever that means. The quality of the word musician is obviously relative. These tracks encapsulate my rather non-remarkable self-induction into the massive international collective known as songwriters. With the exception of some elementary nonsense, this record contains bits and pieces that were born in the early nineties when I first had the ability to write something and remember how to play it. From there, I seemed to learn fast. I literally went from being able to play one note at a time on one finger back in 1992 to playing full songs and guitar solos in 1994. It was like going from the alphabet to writing newspaper articles in two years.

It was a particularly odd time and place to be. Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails ruled the radio, while some artists from previous decades continued to make their marks for older and younger fans. I was mixed up in all of it. I’d go from listening to Nirvana to listening to The Doors and David Bowie. Then Nine Inch Nails toured with David Bowie, the two artists performing together. It all made sense to me. Pearl Jam with Neil Young. Eddie Vedder with The Doors. Axl Rose with Elton John. And so on. I could just as easily listen to the blues of Muddy Waters or Stevie Ray Vaughan as I could the newest record by the Butthole Surfers or the mighty Melvins.

My writing at the time reflects the juxtaposition of nostalgia with what was going on at the time.

The goal at the time, in hindsight, was to make myself as available to a full blown stream of creativity and musical capability as possible. I had no idea where I belonged, but I was going to be ready for anything. I didn’t want to be limited to blues. I didn’t want to be limited to punk or rock. I wanted to be able to play everything that I liked.

Special Thanks go to David Shehane, Tara Tillison, Shawn Pierce, Brett Pierce, Gerald Pierce, Anthony Boyd amd Chad Reardon.