Quantum MEchanics

01 Quantum Mechanics: Part I
02 In Your Garden
03 Gorge
04 Absent Sun
05 Breakdust
06 Common Streets
07 Nowhere To Hide
08 Quantum Mechanics: Part II
09 Gruene Road
10 Change of Face
11 Biota
12 Fields
13 Sucksess
14 The Rush
15 The Grinding
16 Quantum Mechanics: Part II 


CURRENT STATUS: In production, scheduled for 2019 release.

Fresh off of the writing binge that carried me through 2005 and 2006, I actually had to pace myself and try to set limits for this record. Having gone singer/songwriter for the last record, I was ready to go completely batshit on this one. The result is some of the most aggressive and emotional music I had written to date. The instrumental Quantum Mechanics pieces create a framework for an unrelenting storm of music.
My continued use of alternate tunings and improvised sections, (much of time recorded on the first take,) continued to carry the record along. I’ve been asked multiple times with this record, “What kind of music is it?” I want to say “It’s just a good pop record.” But that would be a lie. It's certainly not a calm record. 
Besides the namesake tracks, these songs are mostly just about my day to day experiences, living and working in San Marcos, Texas. It was a small place in 2007, but it could feel really large. I hope that the vastness comes through in the record. Also, no one should take any of these words seriously. Like almost all albums from this period the lyrics  rhymed and so they were jotted down, often with guitar still in hand, mic positioned, record buttn ready.
I'm still proud of this music. 

Special Thanks go to scientists