The Geneva Conventions (2006)

01 General Provisions
02 General Protection of Prisoners of War
03 Captivity
04 Termination of Captivity

Recorded in San Marcos, Texas

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These soundscapes were recorded in March of 2006 in San Marcos, Texas at a quiet little house on Bluebonnet, where I was sure I was disturbing the neighbors if not small animals with these strange sounds. This was also a way for me to voice my displeasure at something in the public realm via ambient music, something I have a reputation for doing in the rock stuff.

2006 certainly had issues, and on my mind were the laws made after World War II which defined the treatment of prisoners of war. The Third Geneva Convention is and has been well documented as being the law of the land. It was disappointing to me that a tribe of people were hellbent on defying the traditions of something they simultaneously claimed to give undying value to. They rescinded the War Crimes Act and went on their merry way. And people look back at those times now with jealousy.

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