The Norm

01 All Aside
02 Go Get Engaged
03 I Thought
04 The Low
05 That One
06 Limitation
07 Adverse Reaction
08 Giving Up Again
09 To End All Things
10 The Sincere Schizoid
11 Emotions or Thoughts
12 Contemplation
13 I’m Fine
14 Moving On
15 Remember This



CURRENT STATUS: In production, scheduled for 2019 release.

2001 presented me with multiple challenges. I was dealing with profoundly complicated issues at home and with work. Compounding my issues was an entirely unavoidable difficulty. I was in my early twenties. This was not my choice. My whole life turned around 3 or 4 times that year. These songs were written during these turnarounds. 
These songs were conceived improvisationally, in difficult conditions. I added to these difficult conditions by retuning the lower half of the guitar to New Standard Tuning. I deciding that instead of going all complicated as I had in months previous, I would write a “straight, rock record.” The Norm was meant to be a pop record. What it became for me, instead, was a fantastic mode of operation. I’d write a simple riff and move on, then add another simple riff and move on. My thoughts were “make it work quickly and make it loud."
Of course it was only loud in my headphones. I was living in a building that, at the time, was called “Hotel Santa Fe,” at the corner of Mockingbird Lane and I-75 in Dallas. It was literally a shitty hotel room on the ground level. It reeked of old cigarette smoke and decades of hidden nefarious activities which had surely been carried out in the very room I was sitting. 
It was from that shitty room that I attempted to do everything possible to salvage what little structure I had built up around my life. The music, like 21/22 year-old me, was fluid and shape-shifting, but not without friction. What I didn’t want to admit, directly, at the time was that all these songs were essentially an attempt to get a girlfriend back by showing that I had changed and become more focused as a person. 
What a stupid reason to have such a collection of neat, diverse, cool songs. I personally enjoy this record very much.

Special Thanks went to Tara, Nathan, Ace, Mike and the former Hotel Sante Fe