The Thought Police (2000)

01 VM 3:34
02 TMT 4:22
03 TMP 3:01
04 TML 1:43
05 TMPL 5:34
06 OC 2:24
07 IND 2:30
08 TP 5:10
09 6079 4:39
10 JLA 2:53
11 R101 3:44
12 SOD 3:41

Recorded in Frisco, Texas

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Everything on this recording was improvised on the guitar during November 15th and 18th, 2000 in Frisco, Texas. The process of making this, the first album of music I could justifiably call ambient, was absolutely joyful. While I have very small recollection of the actual recording process itself, the greater realization that I, personally, could sit down in a matter of days and create a record from scratch with the modest amount of equipment I had, is what I recall the most.

Self-released on CD in December of 2000, I was immediately being told by those who I trusted at the time that this was probably the best music I had created to date. They were probably right. While the equipment was modest and the means of recording by no means ideal, these tracks remain deeply personal and gratifying to hear as a whole, years later.

The track titles have been changed to avoid legal troubles with a certain estate. 

The Thought Police is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Bandcamp and other digital outlets now.


Here are some random tracks of mine, released and unreleased. Rock, ambient and more. These tracks will change from time to time, and with the majority of the rock catalog out of print or unreleased, this is the only place you'll get some of those songs.