Twelve Months (2006)

01 January
02 February
03 March 
04 April
05 May 
06 June
07 July
08 August
09 September
10 October
11 November
12 December

Recorded in San Marcos, Texas

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From 2006: "Each track corresponds to one month. January starts in the key of E, and each track correspondingly goes up one key, until track 12, December, which starts in D#, and goes into E at the end. This means the entire cd transcends an octave."

I believe that that is generally correct, but by "CD" I meant album, or record. Twelve Months was recorded in one day, back in March of 2006 in San Marcos, Texas. It remains, for me, another testament to the wonder of improvisation and the act of creation. When music wants to dance, it's awesome.

Twelve Months is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Bandcamp and other digital outlets.


Here are some random tracks of mine, released and unreleased. Rock, ambient and more. These tracks will change from time to time, and with the majority of the rock catalog out of print or unreleased, this is the only place you'll get some of those songs.