Twenty and Seventeen

01 Falling Rocks
02 The Conveyor
03 A Rare Moment of Clarity
04 Playing Grownup
05 Thirty Dark Wooded Acres
06 This Could Be Anywhere
07 Pressing Storms
08 Cliff Drive
09 Do Not
10 Last Week
11 Yes No Maybe 


CURRENT STATUS: In production, scheduled for 2019 release.

There are times when making a record is, like many other things you could occupy yourself with, a hazardous and ugly undertaking. It's not unheard of for musicians (guilty as charged) to spend several years working on a record. But sometimes I'm privileged enough to have music "come to me," so to speak. It's like getting tapped into the system and the music seems to write itself. You know exactly what to do for a limited amount of time. Through shear energy, and with something along the lines of the right time, the right place and the right circumstances, one track after another comes together as a whole and it's done.
The challenge that started Twenty and Seventeen was a personal attempt at using an unfamiliar musical architecture. It's the musical equivalent to driving around and purposely getting lost, just for the challenge of finding your way out again. I was thinking about it that way as I made it. This is where magic seems to happen. Change the formula, and see if it works. It's usually pretty obvious if it doesn't. But you have to give it enough baking time, and if it's still good, serve it. If it doesn't turn out right, toss it.
Drum Machine
Analog Kit
Deep Sub Style Synth Bass
Rich Analog Synthesizers in Stereo
Supportive and Background Lead/Rhythm Guitars in Stereo
Everything came together quite easily from there. 9 songs were recorded in 9 days, mixed in 2 more days and tweaked in another 2 days. It doesn't happen any easier than this. Ever. Besides, I had already named the project Twenty and Seventeen when the project began, so I had a pretty solid deadline.

Special Thanks go to Lisa and Celina


Rough mixes, instrumental run-throughs, demos, etc